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Pushing for Greater Sustainability at Our Silverstream Childcare

There is a lot of chat about sustainability these days, but what exactly is it? Basically, sustainability is using resources in a way that ensures they are still available for the next generation. At Kids.Com.Educare Silverstream, Upper Hutt, we are all about the next generation, and we have lots of little things we do that keep our early childhood centre lined up with our sustainable practices ethos.

Let It Grow!

A great part of living in New Zealand is that most of us have the capability to put some seeds into a container, a pot, in the garden – or even just on the window sill. We can grow a bit of our own food, and some of us have enough space at home to grow food for our whanau and have enough to share with our community. At Kids.Com.Educare Silverstream we are fortunate to have a great outdoor area where we have our very own worm farm and garden, so your daycare kid gets a chance to learn about sustainable practices surrounding food in a practical framework.

The Circle of Life

At our childcare centre in Silverstream, when we garden we learn about how we feed the soil, and one of the ways our childcare tamariki feed our soil is by bringing the organic food scraps out of the daycare kitchen and popping them into the compost. We then use the compost to feed the soil before we plant our seeds -and we get some great help from our little mates – the worms! The worms are just one of the garden critters we discover when we get our hands in the soil.

Connecting To Nature

When your tamariki work in the garden at our Silverstream daycare, they also get to meet butterflies, aphids, caterpillars and maybe even a centipede or two! Along with the insect life that we support when we garden, there is a chance to observe the way that birds interact with the insects, the way different seasons require different approaches, and how when we feed the soil with fertiliser or compost we increase our harvest.

Little Hands Make Light Work

Tamariki at our childcare centre in Silverstream, near Upper Hutt will get a chance to sprout seeds and watch the tiny seedlings grow, they can move the delicate baby plants into the garden when they are ready, learn about photosynthesis, and watch the plants begin to flower and fruit. Then comes the really fun part! Our childcare team love to harvest from the garden and bring our vegetables into the kitchen to cook and eat! Then of course the scraps go into the compost…the cycle continues.

We are excited about sustainability at Kids.Com.Educare Silverstream, Upper Hutt and we have lots of tips and trick s you can try at home with your daycare kids. Get in touch today, let’s work together to ensure a bright future for our tamariki.

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