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Preparing Little People for Big Moves at our Silverstream Childcare

At Kids.Com.Educare Silverstream we are preparing tamariki to launch. The move from daycare to primary school is a major step in the life of your daycare kid and there are a few basic skills that they can learn so that when they hit the playground they will feel capable of taking care of themselves in small ways.

Over, Under, Around and Through

Teaching your childcare child how to tie their own shoelaces is one of the small tasks that can make a big difference to their confidence. Some parents at our Upper Hutt childcare use the Mr Bunny Rabbit Rhyme to help things along, “Over, under, around and through, Meet Mr Bunny Rabbit, pull it through”. Give it a go, it may just work for you! These intricate motor skills can take a bit of practice to get just right, but they will feel super proud of themselves once they get it.

Pick Your Moment

When you are teaching your tamariki to tie their shoelaces or put on socks it’s better to choose a moment when the pressure is off. Getting everyone out of the house in the morning can be stressful for everyone, so throwing in a learning task at that time is not something we would recommend at Kids.Com.Educare Silverstream in Upper Hutt. Think about picking a time across the weekend when everyone is feeling a bit more relaxed. You can incentivise the task with a treat and try and make it fun.

Shoes On the Table!

Normally our Silverstream daycare centre would not advocate for shoes on the table, but in this case, it may just help move things along! Pop down some newspaper and sit with your child at the table. Put your shoes and their shoes on the tabletop and work at tying your laces while the shoes are easier to reach. If you sit together and keep tying them over and over, eventually it’s going to stick. Another way to add a little fun to the task is to have your childcare child practice on a friend or a sibling, if one of their mates is also learning, have them practice on each other.

At our childcare in Silverstream, Upper Hutt, we know we can achieve great things – and small ones – when we all work together. Getting your child ready for school is a team effort, so get in touch today to let us know how we can help your tamariki grow big confidence in little ways.

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