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Nutritious Meals Included When You Enrol at our Centre

At Kids.Com.Educare Silverstream, we take the stress out of your morning by taking the lunchbox hustle out of the picture for you! Did you know that we have a talented Chef on our team at our early childhood centre in Upper Hutt? We make all the food your tamariki needs to get through the day in our fully equipped on-site kitchen, and that includes lunch and all the fuel they need for their morning and afternoon tea.

Growing Stronger Together

As part of the sustainability programme at our Upper Hutt childcare, we grow vegetables in our own centre garden. These fresh vegetables are grown in soil fed using scraps leftover from the kitchen. That could be called the cycle of life! We love to teach tamariki about where food comes from and let them see that healthy food can also be delicious.

Let Them Eat Cake

When we plan our menus at our Upper Hutt daycare, we include lots of vitamin-rich vegetables, and we ensure that we address all the important food groups. This includes grains, proteins, dairy (or dairy substitutes) – and cake! While we are always looking to boost growth and development for your tamariki with excellent healthy snacks and meals, we also make sure there are some treats.

Food Can Be Fun

When we are baking in the kitchen at our Daycare in Silverstream, we often get your children involved in the measuring and pouring, teaching them how to move about safely in the kitchen space, and injecting a little learning along the way. We can learn how things change their form when we whip up an egg white or discover the magic of science when we create foam with milk and baking soda.

Tell Us What You Like

We know that every whanau is different; some families don’t eat meat, and some only eat meat prepared a certain way, there are whanau that can’t digest gluten, and some children just strongly prefer one thing over another! Whatever your cultural practices, dietary requirements – or preferences – there is a space for you at the table at our childcare centre in Silverstream, Upper Hutt. We love to hear about the different ways our childcare whanau like to prepare and enjoy their kai (food), and we can also give you a copy of our menu for the day if you are curious about what’s getting served up.

Everyone is welcome at the table at Kids.Com.Educare Silverstream. Let’s grow healthy bodies and healthy minds!

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2021 Enrolment Special
Enrol with us before February 15th 2021 &
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Ages 2-5yrs.